Skill spell and range list

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Skill spell and range list

Post  Toxin on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:10 pm

Now that you have made a profile and made your job you can choose your skills. You get 2000 gold and you can spend those on skills. Once you have chosen your skill make a topic with what skills you are going to have. Spells are based on your intelligence and you need a casters staff to use. If it says range then it uses dexterity instead of attack. And the admins will keep making more.

No miss: Requirements 25 dexterity Ability: +8 attack for that attack Cost: 800 gold Recharge time: Once a battle

Painless death: Requirements: 25 attack Ability: +7 attack for that attack Cost: 700 gold Recharge time: Once a battle

Anti attack: Requirements: Any race except dwarf and orc Ability: -3 attack from opponent for whole game and -9 for just this turn Cost: 400 Recharge time: once per battle

Arrow barrage(range): Requirements: Spear, or bow, Elf, 16 dexterity, 16 speed Cost: 200 gold Ability: adds three to dexterity for that attack.. Recharge time:once per turn

Brutal strike: Requirements: Orc, Dwarf, 25 attack Cost: 300 gold Ability: +3 attack for that attack Recharge time: every attack

Weapon specialization(any): Requirements: none Cost: 200 gold Ability: +3 to attack or intelligence or dexterity with any weapon Recharge time: none

Fire storm(spell or skill): Requirements: human, elf, dwarf, Tree spirit Cost: 800 gold Ability: +30 base damage and +3 defense for that attack.. Recharge time: Once every 2 fights

Ice storm(spell or skill): Requirements: None Cost: 700 gold Ability: Recharge time: -35 base damage from opponent.. Once every 2 fights

Thunder hammer: Requirements: Thunder hammer attack Cost: 4000 gold Ability: +10 attack and +5 defense for this attack.. Recharge time: Once every 4 fights

Double hit(any): Requirements: Human, 17 attack Cost: 300 gold Ability: you get two attacks but each are half power.. Recharge time: Once a fight

Counter: Requirements: 25 defense Cost: 400 gold Ability: Blocks an attack and does 1/4 of what it was supposed to to the opponent, but takes your whole turn Recharge time: 1 per fight

Sneak attack(skill or range): Requirement: Human or elf Cost: 400 gold Ability: If you attack first you get a bonus 10 attack or dexterity if range that turn Recharge time: can only use it on the first move of a fight

Paralyze: Requirement: Speed: 20 Cost: 300 gold Ability: Freezes opponent for 1 turn Recharge time: can only use once per fight

Sand storm(skill spell): Requirement: 25 intelligence, anything but dwarf Cost: 350 gold Ability: +4 intelligence... Recharge time: 2 fights

Double toxin: Requirement: 20 intelligence, 15 speed Cost: 400 gold Ability: both users are dropped to 0 health after 1 turn Recharge time: once per 2 fights

Thunderstorm(skill or spell): Requirements: 20 intelligence Cost: 700 gold Ability: +5 attack for two turns Recharge time: once every 2 fights

Insane blow: Requirements: Orc, Human Level 3, 35 Attack Cost: 2000 gold Ability: +9 attack for that attack Recharge time: once per fight

True aim(range): Requirements: Elf, Human, Level 3, 25 attack Cost: 1800 gold Ability: +9 dexterity for that attack Recharge time: twice per fight

Amazing ability(any): Requirements: Warlord Cost: 1600 gold Ability: +3 attack for the rest of battle. Recharge time: every turn

Diplomacy: Requirements: Diplomat Cost: 1000 gold Ability: both people win Recharge time: every 4 battles

Single bullet(range or attack): Requirements: Dwarf, 20 attack, 25 defense, level 2 Cost:1500 gold Ability: +12 dexterity or attack Recharge time: Once per battle

Natures blessing(spell): Requirements: Tree spirit, 30 intelligence level 2 Cost: 1500 Ability: +3 to attack for battle Recharge time: one every battle

Ice bolt(spell): Requirements: Caster staff(item) 20 intelligence Cost: 200 gold Ability: +3 intelligence for that turn.. Recharge time: once a turn

Fire wave(spell): Requirements: Caster staff 25 intelligence Cost:400 gold ability: Recharge time: +4 attack for that turn.. Once every two turns

Dark shock(spell): Requirements: Caster staff 30 intelligence Cost:900 gold Ability: +9 attack for turn.. Recharge time: Once a battle

Illusion(spell) Requirements: Caster staff Level 3 Cost: 1300 Ability: Opponent skips turn and you get attack with -5 attack/intelligence/dex Recharge time: Once every battle

Chaos storm(spell): Requirements: Chaos staff Cost: 3500 gold Ability: Recharge time: once every three battles

Holy judgment(anyl) Requirements Angel helm Cost: 2000 gold Ability: Recharge time: once a battle

Dark Banishment(any) Requirements: Demon helm Cost: 2000 gold Ability: Recharge time: once a battle

Just make a topic and post what abilities you have. Remember you start with 2000 gold to spend on skills and weapon/armor
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