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If you are going to battle someone make a topic and be like so and so vs so and so. Every weapon has a base damage and every body has a defense and attack. Ok the person with the most speed gets to attack first. Then when you attack you and in the skill bonus (if using one) then you subtract the defenders defense from the attack of the attacker then multiply the remainder by 5 to get how much damage you do. Ex: I have 42 attack I attack someone with 38 defense my base damage is 50 42-38=4 4x5=20 total damage =70.... If the defender has more defense than the attack has attack then you turn the negative # into its opposite (what it would be without being negative) and multiply it by 5 so Ex: I have 38 attack defender has 42 I attack with base damage 50 38-42=-4 so I make it 4 then 4x5=20 I subtract 20 from 50 so 50-20=30 30 is my total damage. And if it is a spell the opponent is using then just use the same formula but with the attacker using intelligence instead. And when you win a battle you record it as a win in your signature and the same with losing. Also if you win you get 20 gold but if they are higher level than you you get 50 gold. Then you can record the gold into your signature also
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