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Post  magicman on Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:45 pm

Gnash, male, elf, 140, gold:625 Smile

health 330
attack 15+1
defence 11+3
speed 19+6
intelligence 13
dexterity 18+6

Weapons-bronze Bow and arrows- 200 gold +2 speed +3 dexterity +1 defense
-Bronze Dagger- 75 gold +3 speed +1 attack

Armor-Bronze Chain mail (body)- 150 gold +2 defense
-Bronze leather chaps (legs)150 gold +1 speed

Job-Trap Maker

Skills-Arrow barrage(range): Requirements: Spear, or bow, Elf, 16 dexterity, 16 speed Cost: 200 gold Ability: adds three to dexterity for that attack.. Recharge time:once per turn
-Sneak attack(skill or range): Requirement: Human or elf Cost: 400 gold Ability: If you attack first you get a bonus 10 attack or dexterity if range that turn Recharge time: can only use it on the first move of a fight
-Weapon specialization(any): Requirements: none Cost: 200 gold Ability: +3 to attack or intelligence or dexterity with any weapon Recharge time: none

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